What our Customers say...


We had a pet dish watering system that we didn’t know leaked. It ruined a good portion of our flooring and baseboards. SERVPRO was fast to handle drying and explained the process. Thank you!

We had just moved south and had a fire in our ranch-style home just months after arrival. SERVPRO came and addressed the damage so we can’t even tell that anything was replaced. They also checked back in regarding smoke odor control. 

A friend recommended SERVPRO after hurricane winds brought wrath to m home. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and professionalism. You made it easy to understand each step – thank you much.

Our office had a small fire in the employee kitchen do to some wiring by the toaster and coffee maker. We called in the team for smoke smells and they made it look great again.

If you are worried about making damage worse with mold, DO. This is nothing to mess with and SERVPRO explained it to me and the best ways they have to clean it. I felt safter knowing my kids would have a home cleaned by people that care. 

Sewage is biohazard, right? So why try to get out the shop vaccum when it can be dangerous. Better calling people trained, which is why SERVPRO is what we went with. Couldn’t be happier. Yuck! Thanks guys.

y wife had just started her craft-selling business, but we needed more space. Just after moving into a warehouse space to begin production, our HVAC system failed and caused damage we couldn’t handle on our own. SERVPRO and team saved the day and we were able to get back on track fast.

We had a tree come down and hit our carport, also causing damage to the roof over our master. SERVPRO came in the middle of the night and got us set up with coverings so that no more water came in before they could get to work.

After the shock of the fire, we’re glad we called the Panster team so that SERVPRO could get to work. They handled all charred junk and we had everything restored fast. We can’t even tell a fire took place. A+!

My husband noticed bubbles in our wallpaper and we realized there was a leak from the guest bathroom plumbing. We had to replace the drywall in the office and some wood bits. Everything went fast, thanks!

Who knew there was so much cool water cleanup equipment? Robert and the SERVPRO team came in and out carefully and removed the mess, handled drying, and more. So good. 

Super fast response, guys! Having a handicapped daughter, we worried we would have to relocate during the fire restore. Thankfully, SERVPRO made it so we could stay while they put up barriers to work. So awesome. 

We thought we would be put out of our condo for a long time after the amount of storm damage that happened around our sliding glass doors and dining/kitchen area. The SERVPRO team was fast to arrive for clean up, addressing all water and wind damage fast. Thanks guys!

Nobody wanted to step up to help my crew when we had flooding that stopped production. I didn’t want to call in professionals, but really glad I did. It got clean and dry faster than I expected. True happy. Thanks. 

Save your time and talk with SERVPRO when you have a water mess at your home. I cannot tell you what it saved for my sanity alone. With work and family, Im glad I was able to get the rapid response they offer. 

It really felt like Nick and the team cared about our property as if it were their own. We had to have bathroom cabinets replaced but the water got removed fast and everything looks like new. 

Smoke damage was horrible after a fire in our guest bathroom. We had to get vents cleaned and walls replaced, but SERVPRO made it less of a hassle for the family.

Some of the worst storm damage we suffered from, Nick and the guys at SERVPRO made it go away quicker than I thought possible. The level of professionalism is outstanding, too. I will always give a call when I need restoration.

We had a gross sewage issue at our store and SERVPRO took over like champs. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with all of the tools they brought and they made a messy situation a bump in the road. Kudos!

Want to have fire smells and burned items cleaned? No brainer. SERVPRO is there all hours of the day and they really know what they’re doing. Call!

I couldn’t believe how much water a stupid dishwasher can put out when it breaks. Thank you for walking us through the process and saving our flooring. Recommend.

Our countertop grill had a grease fire and the charred mess up the wall and into the cabinets also stunk. A lot. Thanks SERVPRO for making the kitchen good again. 

I thought that we would have to shut down for weeks when our commercial fridge died and we had moisture and mold problems. The good news is that we had SERVPRO there quick and the better news is that they were able to clean and dry everything before the bill got too hefty.

I would highly recommend the SERVPRO crew, including Mike who was very personable and made sure we had everything we needed while our ranch got restored. There is nothing scarier than flooding and tree damage when a storm comes through. The office team also helped me understand insurance filing for the problem.

Finally going back into your home after mold removal felt so good. We didn’t have to worry about breathing in anything nasty and the foul odors were a thing of the past once SERVPRO was done. 

We have used your company in the past and did recently after a bathroom pipe broke. Fast cleanup, thank you so much! We told our neighbors about your great service.

The SERVPRO crew was extremely professional and happy to explain everything needed to pull the water from a pipe issue we had. I was thrilled with the results. Highly recommended.

I remembered hearing a coworker say that they worked with SERVPRO after they had a fire, so I decided to call after we had some issues with flooding. They made sure everything got packed up and that we had electricity for our chest freezer in the sunroom. I can’t thank everyone enough.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that companies like SERVPRO existed before? I don’t have time to handle fire damage, so when we had a major issue I asked around the best ways to get it fixed. A friend told me to call the local team and they handled it beautifully.

The Port St. Lucie crew means business! Why would you go anywhere else when you can get a friendly, super personable team to handle your water removals? Thanks everyone for professional work.